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Hey Petite Pilates Community. We are starting a blog. This will be a source for fitness and health tips and details about the upcoming week in the studio.

Petite Pilates focuses on the wellness of the whole person. We aim to help you feel strong and healthy in both body and mind. We are an inclusive community that cares about offering healthy opportunities for you and your whole family. We want to support your success in the studio and your everyday life.


This week's focus ...

Do something for yourself once every day

It is easy to get caught up in our busy lives and neglect our well-being. But it is important to do something good for your mind and body so you can feel energized. It does not have to take a lot of time or effort but doing something for yourself will leave a lasting impact on your week.

Commit: This week I will follow this plan to make time for myself...

Monday: Set one intention for either the week or day

*My intention is: that I am going to try to focus on what I can control and not let other things bother me. When I am feeling stressed, I will take a deep breath.

Tuesday: Before bed list five things you are grateful for that day.

Wednesday: Do something that makes you sweat!

*Go for a walk with your family, go for a run in the early morning, or even try a workout class😉

Thursday: Take the stairs instead of the elevator!

Friday: Do a breathing exercise

*box breathing: inhale for four counts → hold for four counts → exhale for four counts → hold for four counts...continue the cycle

Saturday: Treat yourself

*Listen to a new podcast while taking a walk

Sunday: Try a new recipe

*For healthy recipes, I love Love and Lemons. On Sunday I will be making this delicious Greek salad!


Motivational Quote: "Life is like a bicycle, to keep your balance

you must keep moving" - Albert Einstein


Please DM us on Instagram if you want to be featured on our new client spotlight!

We want to share YOUR story and fitness journey to help inspire others and better connect with our community.


Summer Schedule:

*Candace's Classes

*Yvette's Classes

*Caroline's Classes

Pumped Up Strength: Resistance training using combination movements and rhythmic progressions working your upper and lower body, set to fun music

FitCore Reformer: Combination of the best Pilates reformer exercises, with body weight movement, standing work, and stretching for a total mind-body experience

FitCore Chair: Best of the Pilates chair exercises, toning and strengthening both your muscles and your mind-body connection.

Cardio Party-O: Full body, high-intensity interval training followed by brief lower-impact movements

Sunday Sizzle: Combination workout of cardio blasts and full body weight training! There is new music every week and you will be burning calories long after you leave

Summer Sculpt: Low-impact movement class that works on toning, strengthening, and lengthening your muscles, creating a workout for both your mind and body

Summer Shake: A higher-intensity workout that incorporates both weight training and cardio for a balanced body, set to high-energy music

Forever Fit: Age gracefully with this blend of strength, balance, and stretching to leave you feeling healthier

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