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Petite Pilates Journey Series

Happy 4th of July week! Welcome back to our Petite Pilates Blog! This week we are sharing a few easy workout tips you can do anywhere! Avoid mental fatigue and physical plateaus by moving differently. It is easy to get stuck in a rut of the same routine and the same workout for your body. When we try new things we are exercising the mind, and different muscles in our body. We strengthen muscles we did not even know we had!

Speaking of changing things up...We are switching up our schedule for this fun 4th of July week! Don't forget to scroll to the bottom of this page to see our schedule for this week!


This week I encourage you to try one new movement each day and see how your mind and body feel! This is what I am going to try this week:

Monday: Stand any time you have a chance!

*Whether you are at work, talking to your kids, or reading a book; make the extra effort to stand! You are burning calories, making your legs and core stronger! Take that extra effort to focus on yourself!

Tuesday: As you wait for your dinner to cook, do ten standing push-ups leaning on your countertop!

*This makes great use of waiting time. This movement will work your arms and your shoulders and as an added bonus your core as well!

Wednesday: When you walk up the stairs, stop for 30 seconds and stretch your calves! Place your toes on the edge of the stairs and let your heels hang off.

*This will stretch and strengthen your calves and help prevent injury!

Thursday: It's 4th of July!! Include your family and try out a new game! Either cornhole, wiffle ball, or a wave jumping competition!

*Make sure to get into whichever activity you choose! Not only will you be having fun and spending time with your family, but you will be MOVING YOUR BODY!

Friday: Play a game with your kids, your husband or challenge yourself - see how long you can hold your arms straight out to your sides. Try holding a water bottle or can for an extra burn. Turn it into a game of freeze tag

This easy movement will leave your arms looking exactly like Miley Cyrus!

Saturday: Try outside morning yoga! Head to your backyard and get your body moving on this gorgeous Saturday! It is the perfect way to restore and revitalize!

*Try this YouTube video for yoga inspiration:

Sunday: Dance party with your family! End the night playing your favorite song and shaking your body! It takes just a few minutes and you will break a sweat if you do it right!

*You will be stretching your body with the movement, elevating your heart rate while burning calories through that movement and laughter!


Make sure to reach out and let us know what you tried this week!

Don't forget to DM us on Instagram if you would like to have a Client Spotlight! We would love to hear about your fitness journey with Petite Pilates!


Coming up this week... We are mixing it up this week for the 4th!

Join us with our fun new additions for the 4th of July

Pop up Reformer: Begin this celebratory week with a reformer class! These are a fan favorite and we're doing an extra one this week! Feel the burn, and create that mind-body connection to start your week off right! Monday @ 8:00am

Red White & Burn Bootcamp: Clebrate our nation's independence with a Star Spangled Workout! This sparkly class alternates between cardio BLASTS and POPS of full body weight training. This class is created to work with the epoch effect, which essentially creates an afterburn of calories long after class is over. This Bootcamp is suitable for all levels, and will push you to your EXPLOSIVE limit! See you Tuesday! Tuesday @ 8:00am

Festive Forever Fit: Join us for this balance, stretching and strengthening class filled with celebratory music! It is SO important to fuel your body and work on yourself to prevent injury and make the most of this fun-filled week! A perfect time to bring a friend or family member for festive line-dancing for some active movement.

Tuesday @2:30

Star-Spangled Summer Sculpt: It is so important to work all those muscles you often forget about! Chistle your muscles by focusing on your body and mind! This slower movement class will lengthen, tone, and strengthen your muscles after a long day! The slow burn of small and large muscle repetitive movement will be a fun and energetic way to enter the festive week!

Tuesday @ 6:00pm

*Classes in red are our new additions for the week


Summer Schedule:

*Candace's Classes

*Yvette's Classes

*Caroline's Classes

Pumped Up Strength: Resistance training using combination movements and rhythmic progressions working your upper and lower body, set to fun music

FitCore Reformer: Combination of the best Pilates reformer exercises, with body weight movement, standing work, and stretching for a total mind-body experience

FitCore Chair: Best of the Pilates chair exercises, toning and strengthening both your muscles and your mind-body connection.

Cardio Party-O: Full body, high-intensity interval training followed by brief lower-impact movements

Sunday Sizzle: Combination workout of cardio blasts and full body weight training! There is new music every week and you will be burning calories long after you leave

Summer Sculpt: Low-impact movement class that works on toning, strengthening, and lengthening your muscles, creating a workout for both your mind and body

Summer Shake: A higher-intensity workout that incorporates both weight training and cardio for a balanced body, set to high-energy music

Forever Fit: Age gracefully with this blend of strength, balance, and stretching to leave you feeling healthier

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